Friday, 7 October 2011

Unit 1: OGR

Green Light Review1


  1. Kadeem - great to see this. Wasn't so tricky afterall, I'm imagining. So now you know what it means to put together an OGR - next phase for you is to extend your design skills to everything you put together - including OGR documentation. Silhouettes 4 and 5 are very bold - they have a slight 'horror' vibe, which I like, but maybe you look too villainous and cruel? Fig 6 - I really like the face - but again, you're looking pretty cruel. Maybe you might consider going for 'proud' and showy, as opposed to beaky and spiteful looking - certainly, with all that extraordinary plumage, there's a certain 'royal highness-ness' about your bird - like some spoiled King, sultan or emperor in all his finery. It may help you to look at some carnival costumes, to go for something a bit more extravagant...


  2. oh - one style-related thing - I suggest you consider an alternative font for your text on your template - go for arial - something clean and simple, as your current font is actually uncomfortable to read.

  3. oh - yeah - you want to change the title of your blog, Kadeem - you've got it as 'bird of paradise' which is Unit 1 specific - It should have your name, the name of the course, and 'UCA Rochester' somewhere.