Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Unit 2: OGR

Unit 2 Ogr PRES">


  1. Kadeem!!! Put your work up NOW!!! :) I'm loving the thumbnails for each of your concepts, especially for the desert and the first thumbnail for the Silver City - LOVE THIS ONE - maybe needs a background colour/atmosphere?? All in all you seem to know where you want to go with this project :) - just put the work up as I know you've done it!!!!!!

  2. OGR 11/11/2011

    Hey Kadeem,

    I share Lydia's enthusiasm for your thumbnails and your conceptualisation of these spaces. Unit 2 is your showcase, Kadeem - but remember I look at the blog as the best measure of a student's 'time on task' - i.e. how sustained their workflow has been throughout the duration of the unit, and when I'm marking against the 'professionalism and management' bit - I'm looking to the blog to capture this important element of a student's work. Put more simply still, your blog needs to show your daily - even hourly -progress - almost like a documentary of your five weeks. On CGAA it is impossible to 'fake' a five week commitment - everyone can see the reality of time spent - and it always, always shows in the final crit...

    In regard to your assignment - start the introduction with the 'This assignment will...' sentence, and put the definition of the role of the concept artist into the first section of your main body. Remember - no first person in your academic writing - use the Rough Guide to finesse your style and technique - all the advice is available there. You will also need to give a definition of production design in general in your assignment, as 'production design' is a specialised term, and you always need to introduce and define your specialist terms within the bounds of the assignment - do not presume any prior knowledge on the half of your reader. Make the reading experience independent - i.e., that anyone could start at the beginning of your assignment and be able to follow your argument without difficulty or prior knowledge.

    I champion the idea of you avoiding the 'mush' of the desert of colours, and going for something more structured - the job of the concept artist is to apply artistic licence where appropriate. Make sure, however, that you resolve an abiding visual concept that lends logic and justification to your design decisions throughout the three paintings. You may find these colour scheme design packages useful in establishing striking colour palettes... have a go.