Sunday, 20 November 2011

Unit 2: Essay research.

I have decided to write my essay on Frits Langs 's Metropolis, I chose this film as it has one of the most iconic and influential   sets of all time. i was interested by the set design as it closely emulates one of my final concepts : the Silver city described inThe Never Ending Story.

 Upon researching the artist's and special effects for the film I learned about the Schufftan Process, at the time it was a genius way to place actors in shots with miniature scale modeled buildings without the use of a shrink ray. Eugen schufftan was the inventor of this process he refined the method while creating the set for Metropolis. 

 I have also looked closely at what may have influenced Director Frit's Lang, and special effects expert Eugen Schufftan. as this is a german exspresionist film i thought that Lang may have been influenced by an earlier artistic movement called futurism, an itallian  futurist architect called Antonio sant ' Elia stood out to me as his design's were far beyond his time just like the city constucted in Metropolis.

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