Monday, 12 December 2011

Unit 3: Notes on the 'Uncanny Valley'.

The idea of the Uncanny valley was first introduced by the Japanese robotic professor  Masahiro Mori. It was the theory that we human have a very delicate tolerance level for thing that try impersonate human life. for example if a that looks completely inhuman is given small human characteristics we tend to find them cute and charming.
But as we try to add even more human characteristic to a machine what we end up with is an imperfect simulation of life that can some times scare and disturb people.


 After this stage designers work there fingers to the bone to create ultra-realistic impersonations of life that are so believable fall for it and forget that there not actually real.

 All these stages of thought helped Professor Mori to come up with this diagram that represents the Uncanny Valley.