Thursday, 12 January 2012

Unit 3: wooden pier idea.


  1. Kadeem this looks great!! The atmosphere is spot on :)

  2. you're still alive then? ;) I like the branding of your blog, Kadeem - very professional. i REALLY want you to have a successful unit 3 submission, so get your blog up-to-date and please take another look at the brief and 'must have' requirements. I know you know I mean this - so don't disappoint.

    Meanwhile - yes, I like this idea, but I'm wondering what the effect would be if you were to introduce a slightly less conventional element into the scene to lend your ambience some ambiguity too...

    this isn't an instruction, but rather a prompt - see what you think. It just feels as if you need to agitate the meaning of this scene a bit more; you might also want to look at your composition, as the front most pier support bisects the image a bit too neatly.