Monday, 6 February 2012

Unit 4: story idea.

  Private Detective, stilts, movie set.


Private Detective: For the small amount of time i have, the detective will be you typical trench coat, hat and revolver. this is so the audience can quickly identify what type of character he is.

Stilts: Instead of using traditional wooden stilts i will use modern jumping stilts, as this will make the story much more dynamic and cool.

Film set:   The story won’t be set on a film set but an abandoned film set with a scale model of a city could be used.

Story idea.

A private detective is drawn to a case involving a person who has been murdered by a strange creature that is extremely fast and agile, upon investigating the case the detective finds himself being hunted by this creature, this is where the animatic will start, lots of fast cuts and dark low-key lighting for suspense. I will integrate the movie by having the detective break into and old special effects studio, the set could be a scaled model of a city, giving us a king kong vs. Godzilla effect.


  1. I'm loving the idea so far Kadeem!! I thinking of a Will Smith/007 type detective who's smooth and suave. The stilts could be: - and he'd use them when on the run!!??
    I think you should continue developing this plot to make it more precise :)

  2. Kadeem - I'm not sure you're actually 'using' any of your story components in a real sense; you've got a chase, a monster, some stilts, and a film set bolted on to your narrative. Remember - stories come from characters - and from back-story. It just feels to me that you're 'making an action movie' regardless of what your objects may - or may not suggest or combine to create. I'd just suggest that you take another moment to think a little bit more and give yourself some more variations. remember - ideas are cheap - storyboards are 'expensive' in terms of your time, so be careful about investing in something before the groundwork is right...