Friday, 23 March 2012

@Phill OGR 2

OGR 2 unit 5 fridge

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  1. Hey Kadeem,

    I'm a bit worried about your rather epic story idea - especially as you're yet to prove your project management powers in any credible way. You've got so much stuff going on in here, I just don't think it's realistic; and then you've got some arbitrary alien tentacle set-piece at the conclusion... Don't do it to yourself. I don't know if you spoke with Meg today about your story, but I'm guessing, if you did, she would have suggested you slim the whole thing down. You need a reality check, Kadeem - creating a hand-drawn animation is technically very difficult. Take a look at Nat's storyboard as a good example of a story really pushing the behaviour and performance of your object - but not cluttering it up with loads of additional characters etc. I think you need a much smaller story....

    Re. your written assignment: another note of caution: I've read lots of really generic essays about Pixar - so be sure to dig deep in terms of research and actually 'say' something!