Sunday, 11 March 2012

Unit 5: Story ideas


  • A shy refrigerator struggles to find the courage to confess his love to a lady fridge, he soon realises that it is what lies within that counts....

  •  The brand new icenator 3000 is the best fridge freezer ever invented and is the envy of all the older models that reside within "Jerry's fridge freezers". But it soon comes apparent when placed on a rotating podium at the front of the store, that this  machine is incredibly shy and suffers from extreme stage fright.... 

  • A defective refrigerator is cast out of its home and abandoned at  "jerry's Junk yard"  soon after its arrival the shy defective machine is taken in by a group of other faulty  kitchen appliances  that call themselves the "Tribe"….

  •  A  1950's Smeg style refrigerator is entrusted by its owner to keep something very important hidden inside it. the secret comes very hard to keep when the diffident refrigerator is interrogated by his terribly curious mini fridge friend.....

1 comment:

  1. i think the first idea is probably the simplest and most effective in regards to the amount of time on screen and the fact that you'll have no need for any elaborate set pieces. it'd be character and character alone.
    another idea could simply be an old 50's style fridge trying to fit in with a bunch of modern appliances. the fridge doesn't fit the clean, minimalist style of the modern technology and therefore feels out of place. its not an overly elaborate story, but the design of the appliances and the animation of the fridge would tell the story for you.