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Animators Profile: winsor McCay

Animators Profiling
Name: Winsor McCay
Era: 1869 – 1934
Biography: McCay was one of the first influential animators and cartoonists, he was based in America. McCay started off drawing at a young age and he was very good at it. He paid attention to detail and was very precise with his drawings. During this period, artists like Arthur Rackham and Frank Brangwyn were around however, Winsor had his own style and influenced names such as Maurice Sendak and Bill Watterson.
McCay was known for his two big comics, Little Nemo and Gertie the Dinosaur.
Known For:
Little Nemo
Little Nemo was published in the  New York Herald and the William Randolph Hearst's New York American newspaper from 1905 onwards. Little Nemo was a fantasy comic. It was about a little boy named Nemo who dreamt of reaching 'Slumberland.' This comic was more than a children's fantasy, it almost portrayed McCay's imagination, his own experiences as a child and the need to escape into a desired world.  
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Gertie the Dinosaur
Gertie was different from Little Nemo. It was simplistic and instead of having a story, McCay was showing his personal skills with animating. The character itself was very peculiar. Instead of being on paper, McCay would stand in front of a screen and perform whilst interacting with the animation of Gertie to an audience. An example of this would be McCay throwing an apple to Gertie and it would show on the screen as an animation as he would catch it with his mouth. The clip would end with an animation of McCay shown jumping onto Gertie's back as they ride off the screen.

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Figure 1:

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