Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Idea Presentation @ALAN


  1. Kadeem: As project building goes, this is very superficial - I understand that it's David and Goliath and I understand that it's Character Design for children, however there is no development / thinking beyond this.

    I would suggest thinking about the following;

    1) Tone - If this is for children should the tone be serious, funny, anarchic, cute? Take Horrible Histories for example, it uses comedy and dark / horrible historical facts to teach children history. Obviously this may not be the tone you would pick for a Bible story but the theory is the same - How do you make children care / watch?

    2) History / Culture. At the moment your influence map focuses on other characters - This is fine as a starting point but it's other peoples work, it will ultimately lead your work in to derrivative place. Find ways to originate your own work. For example, if this was a Greek Myth you might look at classical Greek pottery and pattern design as a way in.

    3) Consider Timing - Is it possible to tell the story in a shorter time span? For example, Bible stories in 30 seconds or as a segment in between other shows. This can change the tone of design too.

    4) Context - There are other places for animations, such as an Ipad or interactive device. Again this can change the way you design.

  2. Hey Kadeem,

    I've hardly seen you since your 'return' - get in the room more. You weren't at the briefing on Monday - and what with your digital painting skills, I'm particularly keen that you get involved and get excited about it: see link:

    Please send me an email so I can set-up your dropbox folder asap.