Thursday, 29 March 2012

Unit 5: Script Update.

Me and phill decided would be a good idea to change my male refridgerator into a female. i can now use my demeanor much more effectivly. We also decided to add a new character we discused many possible options but the most dynamic are either the toaster or kettle as both have elements that i can manipulate to create a a much more interesting animation. the toaster has toast and the kettel has steam. with steam i can create all sorts of wonderful things! :).

This probably still needs work but i have a strong image of what it could be in my head..

A large smeg fridge is incredibly shy when it comes to opening herself up to other people; she soon learns that friendship and love can be found in the most unlikely places.

Smeg is a large vintage style fridge, this big  beautiful machine has caught the steaming attention of fellow kitchen appliance Keith the kettle. It is his task to help her overcome her shyness and genuinely have a good time.

Step outline.

Smeg stands alone trying not to attract any attention to herself, she becomes aware of the whistle of a nearby kettle but can’t place where it originates , looking around she ponders on why it is  making  so much noise.

Scene 2:
Smeg reluctantly peaks through an open door to see a kettle at boiling point blowing large amounts of steam out of him. Sweating the small the kettle doesn’t realize he is not alone. Finally the kettle takes a break from his peculiar activity takes a deep breath and shakes the sweat off his plastic body.  Incredibly shy but very curious Smeg, diligently tiptoes in to the room. The kettle doesn’t notice and continues to blow large steam clouds. Only when the floor squeak’s does the kettle turn around to see the most beautiful machine he has ever scene. He instantly falls in love. And tries to win her heart by creating steam sculptures.

Scene 3:
The kettles attempts to impress Smeg become increasingly elaborate, Smeg gradually start to warm up to him but the kettle has become incredibly dehydrated as he has exhausted all of his water supply. The Smeg finally decides to open its doors and present him with water. They both live happily ever after.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Bird painting.

A painting I did for my brother.

@Phill OGR 2

OGR 2 unit 5 fridge

Unit 5: story version 1.

The diffident refrigerator.
A  diffident refrigerator is terribly self-conscious about his cold interior, his life gets even harder when his fellow fridges decide to flaunt their icy innards when ever the mood takes them.
Step outline:
ACT1 scene1
On the shop floor of the brand new appliance store  “jerry’s  fridge  freezers”, a lone fridge stands timidly minding his own business. He notices a small ball on the floor but before going over to investigate, he checks to see if anyone else has spotted it. Seeing that the coast is clear he coyly shuffles over to the ball, as he  reaches  to touch it with his foot.... To his surprise  a much more confident refrigerator jumps into the scene full energy  swing open his door and stands proudly barring all its content. Terrified, the shy refrigerator retreats leaving the opened refrigerator.
Scene 2
Upon exiting  the scene our diffident refrigerator cant help but notice  another fridge  weeping uncontrollably,   concerned he decides to try and cheer the fridge up.  He slowly approaches without it noticing and pull out a bouquet of flowers and places  near her. He waits a moment for her to notice but she doesn’t , he then pushes the bunch flowers toward her with the tip of his foot. Upon noticing the bouquet her weeping stops,  incredibly embarrassed with his good deed the diffident fridge stands timidly and waits for the sad refrigerator to respond. Instead of bow of gratitude she simply swing her bottom door open. Shocked and slightly scared, the diffident refrigerator starts to rattle nervously it then turns around and slowly walk out the scene.
Scene 3
Having escaped the recent tribulations of his life, our shy refrigerator takes a moments to sigh deeply. His moment of reflection is short lived. The deliciously inviting smell of a pie creeps into the scene, overcome by the beautiful aroma the fridge looses all control over his body and is physically lifted by (loony tune style scent vapour) the smell and taken to source of the smell.
Scene 4
Our diffident fridge arrives at the source of the smell, which is a huge apple pie he composes him self and checks to see if anyone else has spotted it. He sees that the coast is clear and takes one more big whiff of the pie and ready’s him self to dig in. His blissful moment is sadly interrupted by the  feeling the floor shaking beneath him, it soon becomes clear that a very large object is on the way. Moments later an older and much larger fridge appear to claim the delectable treat as his prize. Both machines stand but the older larger fridge towers over our protagonist casting his shadow. They both stand for a moment the shy fridge is frozen stiff with fear. The much larger machine inhales deeply and exhales steam like a bull before opening his double doors and roaring loudly….
But instead of cowering in fear the diffident refrigerator start to rattle violently, his body start to bulge and contorted as though something is trying to break out his body until finally the door of the fridge burst open unleashing a  dark grotesque  creature shrieking loudly and  baring its tentacles. Frightened the larger fridge runs off abandoning the pie.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Unit 5: Story ideas


  • A shy refrigerator struggles to find the courage to confess his love to a lady fridge, he soon realises that it is what lies within that counts....

  •  The brand new icenator 3000 is the best fridge freezer ever invented and is the envy of all the older models that reside within "Jerry's fridge freezers". But it soon comes apparent when placed on a rotating podium at the front of the store, that this  machine is incredibly shy and suffers from extreme stage fright.... 

  • A defective refrigerator is cast out of its home and abandoned at  "jerry's Junk yard"  soon after its arrival the shy defective machine is taken in by a group of other faulty  kitchen appliances  that call themselves the "Tribe"….

  •  A  1950's Smeg style refrigerator is entrusted by its owner to keep something very important hidden inside it. the secret comes very hard to keep when the diffident refrigerator is interrogated by his terribly curious mini fridge friend.....